Trim waste handling and dust extraction

Cretes and Valvan have supplied multiple turnkey installations for trim waste handling and dust extraction on glass wool production lines.


Producer of glass wool

Our customer is a world renowned producer of stone and glass wool insulation. With over 5000 employees the insulation division is active in more than 35 countries.


The production of glass wool insulation is a continuous process; starting with melted glass and the formation of a nonwoven mat, followed by cutting to various shapes and sizes before finally being packed into rolls or stacks.

For the glass wool production lines in Europe (+ Russia and Turkey), our customer required a reliable system to extract edge trims. The cutting and manipulation of the insulation mat also generates a significant amount of dust that needs to be extracted.


The trims are recycled at the beginning of the process. With specifically designed conveyance fans and ductwork, the trims are blown directly to the furnace at the entry of the line. As a bypass these trims can also be sent to a Valvan baler.

The dust is aspirated and gathered in a filter unit. The applied air volumes for these projects amount up to 80.000m³/h. The dust is discharged in a bag house filter, modified to the needs of the customer and the abrasive material.


Already 7 production sites of this producer of glass wool use one or more Valtech systems for their waste and dust handling.

Why Valtech Group?

For Cretes, but also the other companies in the Valtech Group, this producer of glass wool is a very nice example on how a long-term relationship generates benefits for both parties.