About us

What is our background, where do we want to make a difference and why do we believe that the close partnership between the companies can represent a real additional value for our customer?


Driven by value creating

The driven search for the best technological solutions must truly make a difference for our customers with regard to productivity, environmental standards, performance capacity, precision, efficiency and user convenience. This drive and enthusiasm characterizes all companies and employees of the Valtech Group.


Operating in custom-made projects and machine construction since 1968.

  • A fully family-owned group
  • Roots in South Western Flanders (Belgium)
  • The Group comprises 16 companies in Belgium
  • Complementary areas of expertise
  • More than 450 employees
  • Customers in all corners of the world

Added value

Our forces
bundled together.

The Valtech Group people capital represents an invaluable knowledge and experience, and by bundling our forces, we can manage an even greater complexity in the total solution. The close co-operation between our companies guarantees that we can provide real added value for the customer.