Self-propelled baler

Easy to drive and featuring a steerable wheel yoke, GE250 series self-propelled balers have a baling capability of 40 bales/hour (or 1.1 ha/h) securing the bales by 4 twines in a mere 10 seconds.


Self-propelled balers produce (round flax) bales. Up to recently, Union sourced the baling unit from another company, but experienced difficulties in integrating it into their machines.


Union and Cretes, both member companies of Valtech Group, have started to work together closely to be self-sufficient when it comes to baling units. ‘The new baling unit has been drawn and built by Cretes.’ In the past, we have already taken action to minimize track formation in wet conditions, to increase machine stability, to optimize operator comfort, etc. Together with Cretes, in search of new horizons.

‘Together with Cretes, in search of new horizons.'


The result is that the baler can be secured directly to the chassis without any further modifications. In addition, this approach has created flexibility for the future allowing for involvement with the customer and for further innovations.

Why Valtech Group?

Together, Union and Cretes are able to supply all the machinery associated with flax harvesting and processing.