Valvan Baling Systems is collaborating in a European project that proves that sorting based on the different types of fiber is also interesting for businesses that sort used clothing.


European partners

Valvan Baling Systems is part of a consortium of European partners. The partners consist of all links of the supply chain ranging from textile collecting companies, textile sorting facilities to a few recycling companies.


The goal of the consortium is to bring the sorting of second-hand clothes that are not fit for purpose to a higher level. The ultimate goal is ensuring that textile can be recycled. The textile industry is a high-polluting industry, this means that producing new fibers demands numerous resources and a large supply of energy. Therefore, it is very important that these fibers are not lost at the end of the life cycle of the item of clothing.

‘The value of this project is that we can determine what the added value of Fibersort might be through the partnership.’

— Valvan Baling Systems


The role of Valvan Baling Systems is building and further developing the machine, sorting the textile by fiber type (cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, viscose, nylon or blends of these main types). This machine has been installed at a customer's plant and also, as part of this project, at our partner's premises (Wieland Textiles) in Wormerveer (the Netherlands). They use the machine for in-depth sorting according to fiber type of textile that cannot be used as second-hand clothing. Unlike unsorted textiles, these sorted fractions can then be sold at a higher price to recycling companies. After all, higher quality recycling can be achieved if the fiber type is known. Optical sorting based on fiber type is an emerging technology that is in its infancy. As Valvan Baling Systems has gained the market knowledge of textile collecting and sorting, it was a logical step to get involved in more in-depth research even though the investment is quite challenging.

Why Valtech Group?

This is a flagship project that fully meets Valtech Group’s baseline: ‘Driven by value creating technology.’ We are strongly motivated to invest in this project because it may also entail a significant added value for society.