Fiber flax scutching turbine

Cretes offers you complete scutching systems for long fiber flax up to and including the machines for cleaning and transporting of the by-products (tow, shives and seed) as well as dust extraction of the line.



Calira in Martainneville (France) specializes in the production of scutched fibers that can be used as raw material for making textile fibers and linen.


Fiber flax yarns (linen) are made of the best part of the flax plant. The first processing step in the transformation of flax is cleaning the fibers, what is referred to as scutching. The remit at Calira was to replace an existing long-fiber flax line from the 1970s and to significantly increase performance.


Cretes designed and built the complete long-fiber flax scutching turbine. Capacity is much higher, end-product quality much better and access for maintenance and inspection better and safer when compared to the old line. A number of specific requirements of the customer were taken into account, which automatically brought the production line quality to a higher level. Cretes can also supply equipment for cleaning by-products (short fibers or tow, shives and seeds). Cretes has already provided Calira with a number of processing lines for these by-products (tow cleaning, shive cleaning, dust treatment, etc.).

‘Cretes has been a benchmark in the flax world for many years now. We continue to invest to offer overall solutions for the entire process chain (for example the takeover of Union).'

Why Valtech Group?

Together with Union that supplies flax harvesters, Cretes covers the whole flax process chain. For by-products cleaning equipment, the company also works together with Valvan and Allhydro, both are member companies of Valtech Group. At Calira, for example, there are several Valvan short-fiber flax balers.