Separation system

Rentec was in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of a shredder separation system comprising a new roller grader.


Our customer from the French city of Lyon is a family-run container business using a simple sorting conveyor for industrial, construction, demolition and coarse wastes.


Smaller waste collectors often receive limited quantities of very different waste streams. Some of these waste streams can be recovered while others can only be used as fuel.

These companies can survive more because of their polyvalent business activities rather than through large volumes and market share.

As a result, our customer was looking for a compact, multifunctional separation system that could be converted quickly depending on the waste to be processed. The system should be able to deal with hand-sorting on the one hand, and, on the other hand, deliver fuel as per the specifications of the near-by energy plant. The total investment needed to stay under one million euros.


Rentec was in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of a Dinosaurus 2600 S series shredder separation system featuring the new Scalpel roller grader. The infeed and outfeed of material from one machine to another are accomplished by Rentec’s modular conveyor belt systems.

The Dinosaurus system is equipped with an innovative shredder table to convert the waste into coarse or fine material depending on the selected program. In addition, the infinitely variable speed control allows for production capacity adjustment depending on the downstream processes.

  • Fine (< 300 mm): Fuel for incinerators
  • Since a specific grade can be achieved, the customer is sure to receive a more favorable gate fee.
  • Coarse (> 300 mm): Manual waste sorting is possible without obstructions in the sorting line.

The Scalpel grader is a unique roller grader. The grader bed is 1.6 meters wide and 9.0 meters long. With the Scalpel grader, 0-300 mm fractions can be sorted correctly, without any overlength, from a mixed waste stream. Each roller can be set for height, speed and mutual shaft distance as the application dictates.


If the waste contains little recyclable matter (for example, coarse waste fractions), a driver is configured to produce as much fractions smaller than 300 mm as possible. All fractions passing through the Scalpel grader (< 300 mm) are sold as fuel with a guaranteed upper size limit.

In addition, a metered flow with a guaranteed upper size limit, is the ideal precondition for the future deployment of optical separators. For those cases, the Scalpel grader will act as a filter upstream of the optical separators to prevent failure due to obstructions.

If the waste does contain a lot of recyclable matter, a driver is configured to produce as much fractions larger than 300 mm as possible. The particles that remain on top of the Scalpel grader consists of coarse wood, debris, cardboard and film which are easy to be hand-sorted.

‘Thanks to this unique Rentec solution, our company leaves all options open for the future from this limited investment.’

Added value

It is only the Dinosaurus breaker that allows to adjust the output to customer requirements by simply pressing one button without the need for any additional investment or time-consuming conversions. Today, the Scalpel grader is the cheapest option on the market to sort 300 mm fractions in a controlled manner.