Haeck is a metal processing company specialized in industrial subcontracting. It offers a high capacity and flexibility for qualitative CNC turning and milling work, from single piece to large series.

Specialized in
industrial subcontracting.

Since its foundation in 1989 by Dirk Haeck, the company has pioneered in the automation of the different steps of the turning and milling process. After the take-over by the Valtech Group, the company continued to invest in its production capacity and strive for automation, which developed Haeck's strengths even further. Haeck serves a broad client base: more than 100 permanent customers from a wide variety of sectors including machine builders and the lighting and furniture industries.

The company possesses 11 CNC turning and multitasking machines and 7 CNC milling machines of which some are operational 24 hours a day. The production capacity comprises turning up to a diameter of 550 mm and 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling up to a length of 3000 mm. The company is extremely flexible in satisfying increasingly demanding customer needs because of its advanced expertise in the areas of automation, robot loading and pallet exchange systems ensuring short lead times for all kinds of turning and milling work. From single piece to large series.