Agila designs, produces and overhauls machines for the production of plastic- and rubber compounds.

All machines for the rubber industry

Agila produces mixing and rolling mills, presses and bale cutters for the production and development of plastic and rubber compounds, composites, vulcanized parts, standardized test samples and more.

Although these machines are mainly used by the plastic and rubber industry, they can also be customized for other purposes and applications. The possibilities are unlimited. Agila has previously custom made machines for the fuel cell industry, research centers and universities.

In addition to production, Agila also overhauls and repairs machines, whether they were built in-house or not. Older machines can be converted with a new drive, hydraulic closure, rollers and safety elements to assure they are EN1417 compliant.

Agila has over 60 years of experience and knowledge. The company focuses strongly on quality and customer-centricity, and offers a smooth after-sales service.