Callebaut de Blicquy designs advanced fiber bleaching and dyeing machines for the textile industry.

Advanced bleaching and dyeing

Callebaut de Blicquy is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced bleaching and dyeing machines catering to various fiber types and applications. Renowned for their expertise, they excel in providing turnkey installations that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Callebaut de Blicquy specializes in developing solutions that minimize the consumption of raw materials, water, and energy, all while maximizing productivity and creativity. With integrated Optilab solutions, their machines offer the lowest cost per kilo for any application, ensuring a swift return on investment. As a member of the Valtech Group, Callebaut de Blicquy collaborates closely with Valvan and Cretes, esteemed machine builders with extensive experience in the textile industry and a strong focus on automation and process optimization.