Our core activity is producing baling presses to reduce the volume of material for storage, transport or marketing objectives.

Baling presses for
different applications.

Valvan & Gualchierani Baling Systems develops baling presses for fibers, fibrous material, material for recycling, used clothing, cleaning cloths, etc. Bales are produced to reduce the volume for storage, transport or marketing objectives. Valvan offers innovative total solutions with automatic supply, automated bale processing and so much more. Valvan Baling Systems is also the market leader in automated sorting systems for used clothing and wipers.

Valvan Metaalconstructie started its operations in 1968 with flax drying systems, but in 1973, because of rising oil prices, Valvan needed to find a market that was, again, economically viable and offered growth prospects. This became a new market because of a greater environmental awareness: recycling. Valvan started out by producing waste and baling presses for fabric and continued to innovate and to apply the technology to other materials afterwards. In addition, Valvan also developed waste containers from 1975 onward. In 1997, this resulted in Valvan Baling Systems in addition to Valvan Containers & Milieutechniek, each pushed to focus on their own area of expertise. Thanks to further growth and a few takeovers, the range became broader.

In October 2010, Valvan Baling Systems created a sister company called Gualchierani Baling Systems and it purchased the patents of the famous GSA baling press. This new company meant that the Valvan organization expanded its know-how with regard to viscose and acrylic staple fiber and tow.

Nowadays, we are a project-focused organization and we use our wide experience and range of technical solutions to create new machines that have been adjusted to fit in with the requirements of the customer. Continuous improvement and innovation are given the highest priority in the company. Our qualified engineers and technicians are committed to build intelligent machines with an emphasis on production services, operator safety, reliability and maintainability. Thanks to the integration of visualization and external support systems, we can offer global assistance to our customers in the best possible way.